Well, the technical difficulties with the blog post on Tuesday that manifested as white lines is rather interesting. Would anyone care to chime in and explain this?
So, we begin with a quick recap for those who missed the reprinted post on Facebook. First were my thoughts on the escapades of Nancy and Kevin Mueller (owners of the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari). 
The air conditioning quit during their crossing of the Mojave Desert which resulted in them experiencing the Route 66 of the 1950s. In spite of the major setback they still managed to enjoy the trip and that epitomizes the spirit of the adventurer on Route 66.
For those who travel Route 66 on purpose mishaps such as these are often seen as an opportunity to stop at places unplanned, which in turn leads to meeting fascinating and interesting people. Of course issues on the road like that encountered by Kevin and Nancy Mueller also increase the odds of meeting an opportunist with a face like a butt doctors test dummy but that too is a part of the adventurer package.
The flip side is the group who would never dream of deviating from a well laid course between point “A” and point “B” as they are myopically focused on the destination. They will plan a trip with meticulous detail to ensure joy, anticipation of what awaits over the next hill, or the excitement of discovery does not taint their journey. 
For these folks an incident like the demise of the air conditioner would deemed a world ending event, a vast conspiracy contrived solely for their inconvenience and discomfort. I often refer to such individuals as terrarium people. 
Additional notes in yesterdays blog pertained to a meeting with the new owner of the historic Brunswick Hotel, a delightful gentleman from Switzerland, and another opportunity to meet with Dale Butel who is leading another merry group from the land down under along Route 66. Last but not least, I noted a bit about our plans to attend the International Route 66 Festival In Victorville on August 10.
If you happen to be attending, and have a copy of one of my books or print from the Jim Hinckley Studio (see the link at the top of this post), please stop by booth. It would be my pleasure to sign these for you. 
Now, lets move on to new business. On the 16th of August, around noon, a group from GM will be stopping by Kingman during their Route 66 tour. We are hoping to create a time capsule feel to the area of the Powerhouse Visitor during the visit.
To that end the owners of several vintage Cadillac’s (1911, 1953 convertible, 1957, and 1969) will be displaying their cars. We have also invited local car clubs to cruise even though it is sure to be a hot day. If you would like to join in on the fun, simply stop by. 

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