Meanwhile, back at the Route 66 ranch, while the political pundits unleash their creative talents in an effort to present presidential candidate “R” or presidential candidate “D” in the worst light possible, or to convince the voting public that one of these candidates is the savior of the nation, we are making plans to ensure the Route 66 experience is more exciting than ever. Where do I begin?

In October, on the 20th, we will unveil the long anticipated Route 66 Encyclopedia at Cuba Fest, in Cuba, Missouri. As the event is at its core a small town fall festival with a Route 66 overlay I am quite confident that it will be most enjoyable. Enhancing that sense of expectation is the near daily posting of new additions to the fun filled weekend.
Today, I learned that the new and improved Lile Fine Art Gallery in Amarillo, the distributor of our limited edition pints which was recently located to the historic 6th Street (Route 66) corridor, will be hosting a short “meet and greet” on the afternoon of October 14. We are quite honored to be able to assist Bob “Croc” Lile in the promotion of the gallery as he is a true friend to the Route 66 community. 
That about wraps up the schedule for appearances on our October tour. If, however, you carry our books in your store or gift shop it would be my pleasure to stop by and sign what you have during our travels. 
In regard to our Amarillo stop, as a bonus we will be able to call attention to the fascinating and delightful Route 66 corridor in this city. When it comes to Amarillo the Big Texan hogs the limelight even though it was relocated from Route 66 to the I-40 corridor and as a result folks often overlook gems such as the Golden Light cafe in operation since 1946. 
Details are still being finalized but I am pleased to announce that the tours hinted at for sometime are about to become a reality with the possibility that the first one will take place in about six weeks. Initially the tour will be along the Route 66 corridor between Kingman and Seligman with yours truly (ME) as the guide. 
The tours will blend the lure of Route 66, the romance of southwest history, and great photo opportunities. If things go as planned, the tours will be expanded to include the segment of Route 66 west of Kingman to the Colorado River and the sites of Kingman by next year.
If this is something that you feel would enhance your Route 66 adventure, please let me know and I will provide contact information for the owner of the enterprise. Additionally, if your group would like to schedule a tour drop me a note. 
A few last minute snags in the forthcoming Powerhouse Visitor Center photographic exhibit are now finalized. So, in a few weeks I should be announcing the opening as well as be providing details about the full press gala that accompany the official grand opening. As my dearest friend and I were selected as the photographers for this exhibit there is a real sense of excitement about this. 
Monday evenings meeting to hammer out details for the mural project on the west wall of the Old Trails Garage (1915) and the creation of the World’s Largest Route 66 Museum went rather well. Now, the only thing left before launching the first mural is a meeting between the artist and contractor, and then a bit of fund raising. Is anyone interested in helping to write a new chapter in Route 66 history. 
The World’s Largest Route 66 Museum will take a bit longer. Still, the game plan is to have several segments (it will be built in increments of ten) in place by the Route 66 Fun Run Weekend, the first weekend in May of 2013. 
Nothing is set in stone as of yet but all indications are that the 2013 International Route 66 Festival will take place in Joplin, Missouri. Congratulations Ron Hart of the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce for spearheading this. 
On September 9, Roger Fox will be leading his stalwart Ride for the Relay group into Kingman on their Route 66 tour. Last year I was honored by the request to pray for the group as they left on their westward journey. It looks as though I will again be honored this privilege. 
On the morning of September 19th, Zdnek Jurasek of the Czech Route 66 Association and his group will be stopping at Dora’s Beale Street deli (one black off of Route 66 in the Kingman historic district) for breakfast. Would you care to join us for impromptu international celebration of Route 66?
Well, lunch is over. So, stay tuned for details on further developments. Meanwhile, drive careful, see you on the road.  

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