Well, our visitors from China seem to have had a grand adventure on Route 66. Hats off to Dan Rice (the unofficial mayor of Santa Monica Pier and co-owner of 66-to Cali) for contributing your organizational skills to ensure the tour was a success and “Croc” Lile for being a delightful guide that the folks from Shanghai will be talking about for years to come.
In reading Laurel Kane’s blog about her adventures at Afton Station, I learned today that a merry band from Norway is making their way along Route 66 on a grand adventure. If this highway isn’t America’s most famous attraction it must rate somewhere near the very top of the list.
Another series of exciting announcements came from the publishers of 66 The Mother Road  this week. The November/December issue will be a special trip planning issue that will contain a calendar of events and it will showcase a new feature as a pilot program – an insert profiling a particular community.
It would seem the efforts spearheaded by Carol Young, Josh Noble, and Kristi Turman that manifested in the massive gift basket containing what amounts to a complete weekend for two in Kingman, a prize for the Big Palooza contest, are about to bear some very serious fruit. The first community to be profiled in the new featured community insert will be my adopted hometown.
I should also note that effective immediately there will be a new advertising package to ensure the initial goal of providing a voice for the Route 66 community continues into the magazines third year.
This is the response to my inquiry about the advertising package:

1) Full price for advertisement, no discount, but…
2) Place an advertisement in one issue and, with approved changes in content, it runs free in the next issue. In addition, the advertisement will be available in archived editions for up to one year.
3) Billing is sent after publication of the first advertisement, not at the time the advertisement is placed.  
4) Payment must be received within thirty days of billing or the second free advertisement is canceled.
In an unrelated development, the Kingman based day trip tours are progressing. I am most excited about what this will mean to Kingman, how it will benefit the Route 66 community, and how I will fair as a tour guide.
According to the latest reports, the long anticipated New Mexico Route 66 Museum is about to become a reality. Details can be found on Route 66 News but it looks as though the ambitious folks in Tucumcari have scored another hit.
The calendar for November is still empty but until a few weeks ago so was October with the exception of our journey to Cuba, Missouri and Cuba Fest for the debut of The Route 66 Encyclopedia. Now, I have received approval for two feature articles as well as a small photo assignment, still need to finish the rough draft for the new book, and will be meeting with Dale Butel’s fall tour group from Australia, something my dearest friend and I look forward to.
And so begins a new chapter, and a new season, on Route 66 –
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