There was a time back in the years of my misspent youth when it seemed as though rodeo was the most exciting adventure on the planet. Well, I have had to revise that a bit as the wildest ride is the one I have been on for the past couple of years. However, unlike the hoped for eight second ride of the past, this one just never seems to end.

It is Route 66 time!

It started off simply enough. I met folks with an interest in Route 66 and shared the hidden places or my knowledge of the old road in person. Then I began sharing my fascination, passion, and experiences on the road through articles written, books published, or with photography.
Somewhere along the way things began to escalate in direct correlation to the rising resurgent interest in the amazing double six. All of this has led to meeting delightful people from all over the world, inspiration to see Kingman (my adopted hometown) transformed, finding new opportunities to blend my passion for writing and photography with a love for inspiring others to explore, and developing international friendships.
In recent months the incredible Route 66 odyssey that began back around 1959 seems to have kicked into high gear. What a ride!
One of the most satisfying aspects of being an author is to learn that a book serves as an inspiration. From that perspective my book, Ghost Towns of Route 66, has been one of the most satisfying writing endeavors ever.

Guess who –

I have received countless letters and emails of appreciation from readers who have used the book to enhance their adventures on the legendary highway, and even had one couple from Bavaria stop by the office with a copy purchased in Munich. The book has also unleashed a wide array of opportunities for sharing the magic of Route 66.
Each new opportunity seems more amazing than the one that preceded it. As an example, I thought assisting with the development of a Route 66 themed exhibit at a mall in Prague, Czechoslovakia through the contribution of photographs was an exciting venture.
Then, about two weeks ago, I was offered a weekend job as a tour guide for a company that is planning to launch a series of day trips from Kingman. The initial discussion ended on a note that provided little indication if it would ever become a reality.
In an instant that all changed. With each phone call and each meeting the sense of eager anticipation mounted.
Then I received a call informing me a small bus had been purchased and a driver hired. Next came a request to make a trial run and so, yesterday, I took for my first bus trip on Route 66 with stops in Hackberry, at Grand Canyon Caverns, and in Seligman for lunch, as well as a visit with my old friend, the unofficial mayor of Route 66, Angel.
What a grand adventure, one that I would be quite happy to share with you. If the opportunity for an unforgettable tour along legendary Route 66 in western Arizona, with a few very special perks, piques your imagination, drop me a note. I would be happy to provide contact information so you may begin planning your adventure today.

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