WOW! The response to Ron Warnick’s note about pending Route 66 day trip tours from Kingman in Route 66 News, as well as to my recent post on this subject is quite amazing. My assumption is that this was prompted by international fascination with Route 66, not just the fact I will be serving as an occasional guide. 
On a more serious note, here is a link for the El Trovatore Motel. The owner, Sam, would be the contact for more information but please remember that scheduled tours are still a few weeks away. 
I realize that this will be toward the closing of the traditional tourist season on Route 66 but this is Arizona. Fall and winter are some of the best times for really dramatic photography so keep that in mind if your looking for a really unique weekend getaway. 
The next topic of discussion is the debut of the Route 66 Encyclopedia at Cuba Fest, in Cuba, Missouri, and our fall adventure-slash-promotional tour. A cohesive plan is coming together quite quickly so here are the latest updates. 
On the 13th of October, after a half day at the office and getting our house guests settled in, we will set our sights on Gallup to close out day one. As the schedule is rather restrictive it will be impossible to visit with all of our friends along the road, schedule a formal signing that can serve as a promotional venue for stores and gift shops that sell my books, or even have the luxury of a leisurely drive. 
Still, this a Route 66 adventure and everyone knows that the most harried day on this road is better than one spent anywhere else. So, we have no complaints. 
Plans are to make McLean, Texas at the end of day two. In between Gallup and McLean we will visit with Vickie Ashcraft, Enchanted Trails Trading Post and RV Park in Albuquerque, and the Mueller’s at the Blue Swallow in Tucumcari. There will also be a meet and greet at Bob Lile’s new gallery on 6th Street in Amarillo that afternoon. 
I should note that even if a formal stop isn’t possible, we will make every effort to sign books at shops along the way and then promote those places as venues for signed copies on my blog. Just drop me an email if this would be of interest or if there is anything we can do to assist with promotion during our trip. 
Day three is a bit vague. I know that a stop at the museum in Elk City, and Clinton, is on the list as there has been a request for us to stop and sign books. So is lunch or dinner at the Rock Cafe in Stroud with Jerry McClanahan, if we can coordinate our schedules. 
The Munger Moss is the projected last port of call for the day but plan “B” would be the refurbished Boots Motel in Carthage. A lot depends on if we can catch Melba at 4 Women on the Route, how long it takes us to wander through Tulsa, (we are also gathering photos and information for a new book on this trip), if we catch Laurel at Afton Station, and how long it takes for me to get my buffalo burger at Waylan’s
With Springfield in Illinois as the destination, it should be a slower paced day. The only scheduled stops, to sign books and visit, at this time are Mr. C’s in Lebanon and Rich Henry’s Rabbit Ranch.
With the exception of Cuba Fest in Cuba on the 19th and 20th, the rest of the schedule is still rather vague. Likewise with the drive home which will be a whirlwind affair resultant of 2.5 days to make it from Cuba to Kingman. 
The last item of business pertains to our on line photo studio at Zenfolio. The Route 66 Gallery, with international shipping of a wide array of print sizes, is now closing in on 100 images as new photos from our recent Seligman excursion were added on Monday. 

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