I am sort of an old fashioned fellow (surprise!). The idea of reading a cold, electronic Kindle or tablet on the can or in the outhouse rather than a book or magazine of paper seems odd and disconnected, almost unnatural. It is sort of like showing up at the Renaissance Fair with a light saber while wearing a Darth Vader outfit or to a Civil War reenactment carrying an M-16. 
Still, I am quite fascinated by modern technologies, especially when they blend seamlessly the world of the past, the modern era, and the future. Case in point, the latest issue of 66 The Mother Road uploaded this morning (click on the cover image to open the free publication).
In less than an instant the magazine was made available to the legion of international fans of the double six in every corner of the world. In less time than it takes to aim and spit Route 66 enthusiasts were looking at photos of Joe Sonderman, Michael Wallis, and Melba from 4 Women on the Route at the recent international festival in Victorville, reading about the Big Palooza Contest, and learning about the desert oasis that is Hualapai Mountain Park near Kingman.
From its inception Route 66 has been a mirror of societal evolution. It would seem that this trend has continued long after the highway officially ceased to exist. 
Another manifestation of the wonders of the modern electronic era that sort of have me in awe is the use of QR codes in the forthcoming Route 66 Encyclopedia, as well as pre-release promotional material. With this little touch of magic I can provide updates on the books release (see the encyclopedia page on this blog) as well as the promotional tour, ensure the book remains relevant and current with posted updates, and correct any issues that arise pertaining to accuracy resultant of the discovery of new materials. That, my friend, is nothing short of amazing for fellow who cranked out his first feature article on a 1948 Underwood typewriter!
As they used to say, stay tuned for further details – 

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