In my world changes in direction at a moments notice are something that I have come to accept as normal. Still, days like today crank up the stress by at least a notch or two or three.
A long anticipated visit with Roger Fox and the Ride for the Relay gang kicked off the morning. Meeting with this group is always an inspiration.
This was to be followed by a meeting with Kevin of Axiom Remodeling, the contractor in charge of bringing the Brunswick Hotel back to life and who is creating the shadow box murals for the windows of the historic Old Trails Garage, checking in with Roxanne of Laser Works to see what this artisan was able to accomplish in regard to transferring scanned images of historic post cards on to metal, and then a visit with Josh Nobel, the tourism director. All of this was to be capped (pun intended) with a visit to the dentist, an appointment postponed from late July, followed by lunch with my dearest friend to celebrate a milestone, a meeting with Norm Fisk who is producing another Route 66 video, and a meeting with Sam Frisher of the El Trovatore Motel and Route 66 Adventure Tours.
Then, as we were leaving the house, the phone rang and I learned, again, that the scheduled day off was an illusion, a mirage in the desert.
So, I met with Rodger and the Ride for the Relay group as a promise had been made months ago. In addition, I was the contact between Rodger’s group and the police who were providing traffic control so they could leave the motel together.
The second meeting at the Brunswick was another one that had to be kept. However, I cut it short, dropped off my dearest friend, and headed for the office where a group of patient but frustrated customers were waiting. A tip of the hat to Bill who opened the office and kept the crowd from becoming a lynch mob.
With the exception of the dental appointment, everything else was canceled, postponed, or rescheduled. As I often tell my dearest friend, in light of these economic conditions praise God I have a job to complain about.
The reason for sharing all of this is the fact that I see regular readers as good friends and as a result of today’s schedule adjustments, postings this week might be just a bit thin. Still, there are a couple of important things that need to be shared.
1) This weekend Sam Frisher will launch Route 66 Adventure Tours with a complimentary tour to Seligman for business and community leaders as well as press. I have volunteered my services as tour guide so I can promise a very interesting adventure. Seating is limited so an RSVP is required (928-753-6520).

2) Next Wednesday morning, at Dora’s on Beale Street in the Kingman historic district, members of the Czech Route 66 Association will be stopping in for breakfast around 7:30. Area car clubs have been invited so it might be a very interesting morning. If your in the neighborhood stop by. After all, the more the merrier.
3) On the 30th of this month, Sam will launch regular Route 66 tours beginning with his Seligman adventure. There are two packages available; $199.00 for the tour that includes admission to the Grand Canyon Caverns, the Powerhouse Visitors Center, a signed copy of one of my books, and a few other surprises, and $249 for the tour plus a room at the historic El Trovatore Motel that includes breakfast at the Hot Rod Cafe.
4) In late October we will be heading east for Cuba Fest. Please let me know as soon as possible if you think an appearance would be of promotional benefit to your museum or business.
5) This Saturday evening, on Beale Street in the historic district, its another installment of Chillin on Beale. Come join the fun and discover one of Kingman’s best kept secrets, Beale Street.

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