As the gloom of another presidential election cycle plays out against a world that seems Hell bent on  implosion, that magic place where a 2,000 mile ray of sunshine highlights signs marked with a double six grows in popularity as a haven, a refuge. To set the mood for this afternoons posting I suggest listening to this music video recently posted on Route 66 News first. 
Quick, look surprised! This weekend the 66 Mohave County Fair kicks off at the Mohave County Fairgrounds in Kingman with a Route 66 theme.

Meanwhile, Sam Frisher, owner of the historic El Trovatore Motel, launches Route 66 Adventure Tours this Saturday with a free excursion to Seligman. Seating is limited so an RSVP (928-753-6520) is required. 
Early this morning Dave Emerson surprised me with a quick visit and presentation of the second edition of the 2013 Keeping You on Mother Road: A Route 66 Travel Guide
To be honest, I had written the endeavor off as he is almost a year behind schedule. 
The second edition of the directory contains a wide array of improvements and will be a welcome addition to the travel kit for anyone planning a trip along old Route 66. However, what really got me excited was the fact that Dave stuck it out in spite of criticism (deserved and undeserved) and got the job done as promised. 

This may not come as much of a revelation for folks who know me or that are regular followers of the blog but I have a very active imagination. Our small display and exhibit at the Brunswick Hotel in Kingman has already morphed into a major production even though the hotel is still undergoing extensive renovation and we are weeks, or months, away from setting up shop.
For several years my office/museum has served as an unofficial Route 66 visitor center of sorts. I have a wide array of promotional materials and rack cards for places along the road from Chicago to Santa Monica available for travelers and, if time allows, will help with directions to area attractions as well as provide information about Route 66. 
Now I have the idea of expanding on this in a very big way with creation of a regular visitor center for the most amazing community in America – Route 66. With the imagination unleashed I can see brochures, promotional material, books, travel guides, a photo exhibit, and even services similar to the Triptik offered by AAA as well as assistance with  reservations and trip development. An imagination is a terrible thing to waste. 
I will be updating the schedule tab with full details of the fall tour soon. Of course, the big event is Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri where I will introduce The Route 66 Encyclopedia on October 20. 
Well, that is about all of the time I have for today. As a teaser, I should have some interesting announcements to make in the next few days. 

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