Some may view the title for this afternoons post as a poor attempt at humor. However, it is in fact an honest statement as the Czech (s) are on the road west. 
This morning my dearest friend and I shared breakfast with Zdnek Jurasek of the Czech Route 66 Association and a few of his countrymen at Dora’s Beale Street Deli in downtown Kingman. Then after a most delightful meal and fascinating conversation tinged with language lessons we parted ways with a flurry of photos and handshakes, and a promise to meet again next year on America’s most famous highway. 
It was another example of how legendary Route 66 bridges barriers of culture, language, and even distance. It was, however, not an isolated incident as these encounters take place every day all along Route 66 with increasing frequency as the popularity of the road continues to build. 
In fact, last evening we met with Karel Huperus and Hanneke of US Bikers, a Dutch company, and their tour group for dinner at the Dambar. Route 66 again served as the bridge between cultures and languages and as a result, a good time was had by one and all as we shared stories, pictures, and anecdotes about the fascinating people found along this storied highway.
 As we dined and shared laughs and stories, others traveling the Main Street of America passed through the restaurant. Time and again in snippets of conversation in Japanese, French, and German, I overhead the common denominator for the travelers who were in Kingman on this Tuesday evening – Route 66.
As we savored the camaraderie and laughter the thought of just how blessed I am came to mind. I am privileged to live along the most famous highway in America with the best friend imaginable. 
I am presented with near endless possibilities to share my passion for the wonders of legendary Route 66, the great American southwest, and my adopted hometown, Kingman, through my books and photography. All of this serves as a gateway to indulging another passion, opportunity to listen and to learn from people who come to America from every corner of the earth. 
What an absolutely amazing adventure life can be, especially when it is lived on Route 66.