It would seem our continuing series on the planning of a Route 66 adventure is a subject of interest for many people. In our next post we will continue with this series but today I have a few other items of interest to share.
Please note the comments to the last installment for updates, as well as suggestions,  pertaining to dining options in Cuba, Missouri. Thank you, Jane. 
And this note was received from a friend in Holland, affectionately known there as Mr. 66. “May I recommend :

Sid’s Diner in El Reno, OK
Rod’s Steakhouse in Williams
Diana’s Diner in St. James, OK

Best regards
Now, the updates. I received an advance copy of The Route 66 Encyclopedia this past week and have found a couple of small errors. These have been brought to the attention of the publisher who will rectify them in the second printing. 
I have set up a Route 66 Encyclopedia Update page with this blog. As it was established to ensure a continuity of relevance, as well as accuracy, and to provide updates on the books release these issues will be be duly noted there. 
I should also note that the back cover of the book, and promotional material from the publisher, contains a QR code that links to this page of the blog. I would like to imagine my research is flawless but as this would be a flight of fancy, and as I feel accuracy in this book is imperative, this seemed an ideal way to meet my goals. 
Here are the errors noted:
  • On page 212, the caption for the photograph of the official dedication ceremony of Route 66 as the Will Rogers Highway provided by Steve Rider is duplicated on page 213 under a self explanatory image of the cover from a Will Rogers Highway Road Log, also supplied by Steve Rider. 
  • On page 150, the caption for the photograph of a monument at the old Kingman Army Airfield is incorrect. The caption is for a photo of another monument that was not used. Fortunately, the monument in the photograph is easy to read. It should also be noted that the photo credit is incorrect. 
  • That takes us to the last error (or errors) noted. The credits for almost every historic image in this book should be given to Steve Rider, Mike Ward, or Joe Sonderman who graciously made their vast collections available to me. Of the remaining images, 99% are the work of my dearest friend and I. However, most images are credited to Steve Rider. 
In discussing this with Steve it provided ample opportunity for a joke or two. In the grand scheme of things the erroneous caption credits are relatively small potatoes. 
I would be quite remiss if proper credit was not given to the layout and design people. They transformed this work into a vibrant, colorful, and exciting book. 
Now, a couple of personal notes. It may seem rather silly to some but from its inception I viewed this project as an almost sacred honor, a responsibility not to be taken lightly, and as a result my quest for accuracy was even more obsessive than usual.
However, the most important personal aspect of this book is the milestone it represents. I have always acknowledged my dearest friend as a partner in the books I write. Without her encouragement, support, patience, prayers, and occasional feeding, my ideas for books would never manifest in the form of pages between a colorful cover. 
With this project we truly became partners in every sense of the word. Her traditional role of support staff in these endeavors continued with this book. In addition, this was our first work in which we shared in the duties of photographer, as well as in the editing and selection of photos. 

Okay, a couple of final notes. In answer to the most often asked questions, the book is hardcover and, including index, runs to 288 8.5″ x 11″ pages. The entries are presented in alphabetical order beginning with the Abbylee Motel and ending with Zuzax. Yes, it is currently available for pre-order through Amazon and numerous book store chains.
I will not be able to add the encyclopedia to the list of books available for order through this blog (see above) until we return from Missouri in October. If, however, if you don’t mind the wait I can make arrangement for pre-order utilizing Paypal. 
As our travel schedule is quite restricted in October, only one formal signing for the encyclopedia is scheduled and that will be at Cuba Fest on October 20th. There will also be a meet and greet on the afternoon of the 14th at the gallery of Bob Lile on 6th in Amarillo where I will sign copies of my earlier works including Ghost Towns of Route 66, Backroads of Arizona, and Route 66 Backroads. 
On the way home I will be making stops to sign copies of books that stores have in inventory. 
So, you should be able to find signed copies at these locations after October 20th.
National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma – 
Mr. C’s in Lebanon, Missouri – 
Henry’s Rabbit Ranch in Staunton, Illinois
Barrett Station Gift Shop in St. Louis, Missouri
A more expansive publicity tour is in the works for early spring but I am available for appearances with enough advance notice. To schedule an appearance or signing please refer to the appropriate page tab or follow this link
The final item of the day pertains to the latest endeavor. If things go as planned and scheduled (which would be a first), next year at this time we should be discussing my newest book, a Route 66 travel guide with a distinctly Jim Hinckley twist. 

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