On numerous occasions it has been noted that my dearest friend and I flirt with the world of modern technology but do not posses a driving compulsion to have the latest and greatest even though we both have a deep fascination with gadgetry. In our world the rotary dial phone, eight track tape player, black and white television, automotive air conditioning, fax machines, and even six-volt electrical systems with a generator represent current technological trends. 
It will never be said that we are impulse buyers or that we rush into a purchase. After several years of careful deliberation we have decided that a cell phone is warranted. Fueling this decision was the difficulty we had last year in regard to finding a pay phone while we were on the road. 
This is not to say the cell phone is something we are are not familiar with. After all I am tethered to the job 24/7 with a cell phone, a devise that has on numerous occasions led me to wonder if it was something crafted in the netherworld of Hades. 
Long story short, my dearest friend and I will be a part of the 21st century on this trip. I am quite sure there will be interesting stories to tell on our return. 
Our entry into the modern era was not limited to the acquisition of cell phones. Several years ago we inherited a virtually new lap top computer. So, we have decided to dust it off, learn the intricacies of WiFi usage, and, when possible, provide real time daily updates of the Hinckley Hillbillies latest adventure on the double six. 
 Now, a few updates pertaining to the adventure. In a recent post I noted a delay in the release date for The Route 66 Encyclopedia. Well it looks as though everything is on track and I will be using the Wagon Wheel Motel as my drop to ensure they are available for the official debut at Cuba Fest. 
Provisions have been stock piled for the house guests during our absence, reservations confirmed, and a wide array of issues resolved through an array of meetings that have stretched into the evening. Now, all that stands between us and the open road is two days at the office and all that that entails, putting away the swamp cooler, last minute packing, and then enduring 48 hours of escalating tension combined with eager anticipation. 

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