Okay, as promised here are the first updates from the road as this is the first time we have had WiFi at the motel.
As often happens on a grand adventure, especially on Route 66, time gets way from us and before we know it is almost midnight and we are rolling through Miami on the way to a restful night in Baxter Springs. The destination for tonight is Carlinville and it looks it will be another long but fun filled day.
Highlights so far include a great visit with Croc at his new gallery, a visit with Harley and Annabelle. On the downside we have had to miss a few folks and a couple of stops but our hope is to catch up on the return trip.
Today we will be gather photos in Kansas and Missouri for the new book. Scheduled stops include 4 Women on the Route, Boots Motel, Powers Museum (to sign a few books), the Route 66 State Park, and Gay Parita.
We signed books yesterday for the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, stopped in Clinton but as they had not received their order, we will be signing books on the return trip, and discovered an interesting place for dinner in Bristow. As time is a bit limited I will have to save details for future postings.
We cleared the last hurdles at the office on Saturday early in the afternoon and set out for Gallup as quickly as possible. The El Rancho, as well as dinner and breakfast there, was our treat and we were not disappointed. We even we were provided with a bit of comedy as the bathroom stretched the definition of water closet. To say it was small would sort of like saying Amboy is warm in the summer.
Still, this is a great stop. Night two was at the Chalet Inn in Groom, Texas. Clean, quiet basic lodging for a very reasonable price made this a great way to end a long but eventful day.
Well, it is time to hit the road …

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