Well, after surviving nine days on the road and 4,350 miles filled with road construction related delays, we made it home late Tuesday evening. What an amazing adventure!

If your looking for a great place to have breakfast in Cuba,
Missouri this is my suggestion.

It was filled with stops at classic Route 66 roadside stops framed by breathtaking fall colors, a few short detours to amazing places that will be featured in a new book, and, of course, visits with friends old and new. There were also ample opportunities for trying new foods and discovering great new places to eat them.
Officially we had two reasons for making this grand adventure along Route 66. One was to promote the release of The Route 66 Encyclopedia (signed copies can now be ordered through this blog using Paypal. Please inquire about international shipping rates).
Signed copies of the book, in limited supplies, are also available at numerous locations along Route 66. These include the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Mr. C’s in Lebanon, and the transportation museum in St. Louis.

Author Jim Hinckley at Cuba Fest.

The second was to gather photographs and information for the current book project. This time I am crafting a Route 66 guide book with a very distinct Jim Hinckley, hence our short detour to the very unique Cave Restaurant near Richland, Missouri.
As the ideal behind our work is to promote the people and places that make the old road special, that give it life and vibrancy, we had decided that Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri would be the ideal place for the books official debut. What an amazing event, what an amazing community!

Chris Robleski and Katie Nelson of Fading Nostalgia at
Cuba Fest.

Enhancing our weekend in Cuba that included a delightful bonfire party hosted by Connie Echols of the Wagon Wheel Motel, and dinner accompanied by the sounds of Joe Loesch and the Road Crew at the Belmont Winery, was the opportunity to gather with friends such as Tom Dion, Rich Henry of the legendary Henry’s Rabbit Ranch, Buzz Waldmire, Rich Dinkella, Joe Sonderman, Chris Robleski, Katie Nelson, and Dean Kennedy at such a refreshing event.
Cuba and Cuba Fest were the frosting on the cake as this was a trip filled with memory making days and nights. There was a wonderful evening savoring the company of my dearest friend as we shared a beer in the lobby of the historic El Rancho Hotel in Gallup and the discovery of the charming National House Inn in Marshall, Michigan.
We had an unforgettable lunch at the Cave Restaurant and another at the time capsule Palm Grill Cafe in Atlanta, Illinois. There was a detour to the breathtakingly beautiful Maramec Springs Park and another into the Painted Desert.
And, of course, we visited with friends – Harley and Annabelle, Rich Henry, Croc Lile, John and Judy Springs, and so many others. Sadly, time constraints and long days on the road meant that we missed others such as Laurel Kane at Afton Station and Jerry McClanahan.
In the weeks to come I will be sharing details about the adventure and our discoveries. In addition there will be some announcements that just might inspire you to make your own adventure of discovery in 2013.