I could get used to this weekend thing. Two days off in a row is almost like a mini vacation, I actually had time to work on projects and relax a bit. What an interesting concept.

The interior of the Brunswick Hotel.

On a more serious and honest note, I lean toward the side of life where there is always something to do that is work related. As an example, the drastic weather change (80 degrees on Thursday, 45 on Saturday) plus winds but a damper on the walk about that I usually turn into a photographic safari. So, we did an indoor walkie, explored the Brunswick Hotel, a location that has been offered as the home of the Hinckley Gallery by next spring, and I cooked up the idea for a story to write, as soon as I finish the three other writing assignments that includes two books.
Over the years I have come to realize that an addictive personality is not in my nature, with but three exceptions. I am hopelessly addicted to books, hence a homestead that looks like a library with piles that obscure shelves as well as piles on shelves, writing on any and every subject, and the company of my dearest friend. As I have opportunity at every turn to indulge my addictions, and as those addictions are creative rather than destructive, I see myself as a very blessed man.
So, as often happens, I begin a new week with eager anticipation. I have two books to work on, have finished another feature for Legends of America and have an idea for the next one, have a fund raiser for the mural program to launch, and will be meeting with Norm Fisk to assist in his development of a Kingman video, and to film a test pilot for an Australian television program.
Norm is the creator behind the award winning Route 66 Arizona video. It is always a pleasure to work with Norm as he has a wide array of interests and as a result there is always lively and informed discussion.
Meanwhile, its off to the salt mines –

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