Well, Thanksgiving is now just mere days away and here in the former colonies that means the “holiday” season is upon us. Please note, to avoid causing upset to the hyper sensitive among us during this stressful time, I avoided using the “C” word.
For the fortunate few this means it is a season of family in all their dysfunctional glory, friends, food, and memories old and new. My wife will be baking pies in anticipation of who might drop by, aside from my son and his family, and, I hope, her delightful pumpkin latte that is now on my list of favorite seasonal drinks.
Friday evening it will be dinner with John and Judy Springs (66 The Mother Road) at the Hualapai Mountain Lodge. The lodge, as well as the park, is a treasure many Kingman visitors overlook.

Maramec Springs Park in Missouri

To do my part in rectifying that oversight the park and lodge will be featured in my next book, a travel guide to the double six. Obviously the primary focus will be the things to do, see, and experience on Route 66 but as with all of my work, the goal is to add depth and context to the adventure that is a drive along iconic Route 66.
In my research for this book I discovered an amazing array of fascinating sites and attractions within twelve miles of Route 66, my limit for inclusion in this guide. Counted among the highlights would be the Cave Restaurant (a bit of a stretch as it is almost twenty  miles), the beautiful canyons that shelter ancient cliff dwellings at Walnut Canyon east of Flagstaff, and Maramec Springs Park south of St. James, Missouri.
Counted among the difficulties in writing a book such as this is that I am not immune to the road trip fever it inspires. The wsix day work schedule will impose limitations and restraints on such endeavors for at least the next month or two but I am quite sure we will find a way to indulge ourselves with a day trip to Prescott, or to Amboy for an annual hike up the crater on New Years day.
Meanwhile, its off to work I go. See you on Tuesday.

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