Even though the calendar indicates we are in the closing weeks of fall, here in my corner of the world on Route 66 it seems to be the first weeks of spring. The temperature yesterday was just north of seventy degrees which sparked an overwhelming urge to play hooky from the lengthy list of projects that demand attention, an urge that I succumbed to.

The site of Fort Beale during a summer storm.

After a morning at the office, lunch, and an adventure at Walmart necessitated by the need to stock the pantry, we boxed up some of my dearest friends delightful pie and set out for the foothills of the Cerbat Mountains for an impromptu picnic. It would seem the abbreviated Thanksgiving weekend is proving to be an enjoyable as well as productive one.
Friday evening we had a most wonderful dinner with John and Judy Springs of 66 The Mother Road at the Hualapai Mountain Lodge, one of many gems in the Kingman area that are often overlooked by visitors passing through on their journey east or west. The dinner was long overdue as we had discussed this several years ago.
As it turned out the visit was another in a series of increasingly odd coincidences. During the course of the evening we discussed Route 66, the resurgent interest in the highway, and the projects I am involved with at this time, namely books, articles for Legends of America, and beautification efforts in the Kingman historic district.
At some point it was noted that, perhaps, I should consider creating a line of products – post cards, posters, note cards, prints, etc. – that could be used to promote the road as well as fund various endeavors. What I found most curious about this was that it mirrored a conversation with Steve Wagner, the gentlemen behind the summer meetings that culminated in the Old Trails Garage project.
So, I spent a great deal of last evening, as well as most of this morning crafting a small store on Cafe Press to promote various products derived from our adventures. The result is found in the right column – Jim Hinckley’s America Gift Shop. I also added a link in the gift shop page. As always, I would be curious to hear your thoughts.
The title may seem a bit odd. However, as the idea was to share America as seen from the lens of our camera, it seemed appropriate. 
With another six day work work week looming on the horizon there is a lengthy list of thing to accomplish today including the completion of another feature for Legends of America as well as the third chapter for the book profiling the evolution of Route 66 from highway to icon as chronicled in the development of promotional material. There is also a need to provide a polished version of the travel guides first chapter as the publisher wants to create a mock up.
That should keep me busy for most of the day. However, I am quite sure there will be plenty of time for the enjoyment of blueberry pie shared in the company of my dearest friend under desert skies.

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