Before I continue with my list of favorite places on Route 66, a few updates and notes from the road need to be shared.
Just in time for the Christmas holiday, I have transformed some of our photography into calendars, colorful mugs, note cards, post cards, and other items. We will be designing and adding additional items in the next couple of weeks. To ensure reasonable shipping rates, especially for international orders, I chose Cafe Press for our Route 66 souvenir storefront.
The next item is in regards to the continuing partnership with Legends of America. The latest installment in my series on the evolution and development of the American automobile industry with its cast of eccentric and visionary characters is now available for your reading pleasure.
Now, a quick Route 66 update from Kingman. The project to convert the west wall of the Old Trails Garage into a foundational component for the beautification of the historic district is well under way.

The Cave Restaurant near
Richland, Missouri.

When we started this project there were five windows to transform. The inserts for all five are complete, one is finished and installed, and there is funding for the artwork to finish two more. It looks as though we will have about half of the project completed by the first of the year.
Okay, this posting is a bit short but in continuing our list of favorite places, I will share one of our most recent discoveries. Okay, I am stretching a point as this restaurant is about a dozen miles off of Route 66.
Still, the Cave Restaurant should most definitely be included on your travel itinerary. The food ranges from good to excellent. Prices run the gamut from moderate to spendy, if you go for the luxury of items such as alligator tails in apricot sauce.
The experience, however, is absolutely priceless. Fans of the double six often talk of the journey being more important than the destination.
An adventure to the Cave Restaurant takes that concept to extreme levels. Suffice to say it is not something you will ever forget.
If all goes as planned we will continue our discussion of favorite places on Route 66 with the Thursday posting. See you soon –

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