In the daily rush small things of importance often get lost in the shuffle. This past couple of months seems to have been an almost endless string of days consumed with a rush to or from somewhere, to get something done, or to finish something before an impending deadline. 
Counted among things misplaced or overlooked during the past few weeks is the tradition of offering a free copy of my latest book with a bit of a trivia contest. So to rectify that oversight I am offering a copy of The Route 66 Encyclopedia to the first person who answers all questions correctly. 
Okay, are we ready?
1) In what Route 66 community is the Durlin Hotel located?
2) Threatt’s Service Station, most recently a private residence, was built in about 1915. As it was built by an African-American family, and catered to people of similar ethnicity that were often turned away from other businesses, it stands as a unique monument to the societal advancements of the past half century. In what city is the station located?  
3) N.R. Dunton was an innovative garage owner in Goldroad, Arizona that profited from the steep grades and sharp curves of Route 66 in Sitgreaves Pass by offering a towing service for those whose car could not make the grade. What Route 66 landmark is attributed to Mr. Dunton? 
4) One of our favorite restaurants on Route 66 is Emma Jeans Holland Burger. In what city is this restaurant located? 
5) One of our favorite motels is the Munger Moss in Lebanon, Missouri. Where was the first Munger Moss business on Route 66 located? 
6) By what name is Bessie’s Place known today? 
7) What is the name of the comedian who died in an automobile accident at the intersection of Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Boulevard on January 13, 1962? 
8) Who is the Route 66 author and historian that promotes himself as the Windy City Warrior? 
9) What is the name of the American entertainer who lost an eye as a result of an automobile accident at the intersection of Cajon Boulevard and Kendall Drive on November 19, 1954?
10) In what Route 66 city was the “Worlds Largest Negro Dude Ranch” located? 
11) Essex, California was the last community in America to obtain this service. 
12) In what Route 66 community was Beaver Town located? 
13) What Route 66 community has a direct association with American author Washington Irving? 
14) What is the name of the iconic Route 66 eatery established by a tennis champion? 
15) One community on Route 66 was named for a president before he became president. What is the name of that community?
16) One Route 66 community is associated with the late 20th century urban legend of a giant bird trying to carry off a child. What is the name of that community? 
17) In the Route 66 anthem penned by Bobby Troup one community is named out of sequence. What is the name of that community? 
18) In the guide penned by Jack Rittenhouse in 1946, the author noted that Fig Springs Station was closed. In what state was Fig Springs Station? 
19) Jack Rittenhouse chose an unusual vehicle for his Route 66 research trip. What company manufactured his car? 
20) One of our favorite Route 66 restaurants, in Illinois, is the Palms Grill Cafe. In what city is this cafe located? 
21) The Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad, 1905 to 1928, operated out of what Route 66 community? 
22) Dairy Queen has its origins in what Route 66 community? 
23) Don Trinidad Romero is the namesake for what Route 66 community? 
24) What Route 66 landmark has a direct association with Bob Waldmire, the movie Easy Rider, and colorful justice of the peace, Clyde McCune?
25) What is the name of the Route 66 community that had a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II?

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