Well, it looks as though we have two winners (Mike Ward and Lindsey Reich). Both contestants submitted the correct answers within a minute of each other (answers are posted in the comment section for the contest posting).To say the very least I am quite surprised by the number of correct answers submitted. I am not sure if this is indicative of the power of a Google search or that readers of this blog are real students of Route 66 history. In either case, I would like to thank everyone who played. Apparently I am going to have to scour the archives before kicking off another contest if a real challenge is going to be presented to readers. What Route 66 community was the site of a hanging that warranted a presidential reprimand? That might be a good start. This might be a good time for informing you that I have a hum dinger of a contest in the planning stages for 2013. This one will require a little Route 66 knowledge, as well as at least one Route 66 adventure. As a teaser, it will require a copy of The Route 66 Encyclopedia and about thirty stops at various locations along Route 66. As they say, stay tuned for details. 

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