Okay, I have found evidence that clearly indicates the long held dream of driving a Model A Ford, circa 1928 to 1931, from Chicago to Santa Monica on Route 66 is more than feasible. This evidence also indicates that it would be a most exciting adventure.
Jonathan Klinger who drove a Model A Ford as his only transportation for one full year including through a Michigan winter may have beaten me to the draw but instead of seeing this as an affront, I instead choose to see it as inspiration to fulfill a dream. I also see a template that will enable me to learn from the mistakes of others, which in turn frees me up to make mistakes of my own.

However, before we make this dream a reality there are a few details to attend to. Counted among the minor obstacles that stand between me and a bit of time travel are the day job, the fact that I don’t own a Model A, the fact that at this time the budget does not allow for the purchase of a Model A, the fact that I am not familiar with this vehicles mechanical attributes (something easily rectified with a 4,000 mile drive), and the fact that I do not have a garage.
Meanwhile, while I whittle away at these ever so minor issues, there are more pressing matters at hand. I am sprinting to the finish line on a book that chronicles the transition of Route 66 from highway to icon through the evolution of promotional materials.
I am also diligently working to craft a truly unique Route 66 travel guide, a companion for the EZ 66 Guide by Jerry McClanahan that we always carry on our adventures along the double six. In essence my goal is to broaden the focus a bit by including interesting history, details about bicycling the road (or driving it in a Model A), and fascinating little side trips such as to the Cave Restaurant or Hualapai Mountain Park, both less than 20 miles off the highway.
A deadline of December 31, and the continuation of six day work weeks, will explain the erratic blog posts this past week or so. I think it might also give a hint as to what activities I will be engaged in on New Years Eve.
Still, no complaints. Life is good. Life is an adventure. But like with all adventures there are those frustrations that come with sixty mile detours resultant of bridge closures or flat tires or unexpected rains that turn the road into pudding or …
Counted among the many pleasures derived my quest to become a writer when I grow up is the opportunity to meet fine folks from throughout the world, and the opportunity to share like minded passions for Route 66, America, and the road less traveled. The latest manifestation is the opening of a photographic exhibit in the Czech Republic where our work is featured alongside the artistry of masters such as Chris Robleski (great gift idea) and Jerry McClanahan.
Next on the list, developing our gallery for a spring opening in the refurbished Brunswick Hotel. This does not mean you have to wait months to dress up the office or den, inspire a road trip, and rekindle a memory as a large array of our photographs are available at Jim Hinckley Studios.
If all goes according to plan, I should be back to the normal chaotic schedule after the first of the year. IN the meantime, stay tuned for erratic but regular updates.

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