Merry Christmas to one and all. It is our sincere hope that each of you have had a delightful holiday.
I fully realize that the holiday we celebrate is simply the tradition of man. Still, there is a foundational element to this most delightful holiday that should be considered.
With that said, as we join together in celebration of Christmas, may I respectively ask that you take a moment to reflect on Christianity and the contribution its philosophy has made in this world over the past two thousand years. I am not speaking of the religion made manifest in the restrictive doctrines of various denominations, the for profit version espoused by the televangelist, or the selective use of parts that empower a group to set themselves above others, but the foundational precepts that have inspired men and women to stand with boldness and transform the world.
In closing, here are a couple of quick scenes of Christmas from Route 66 –

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