My office, the last vestige of the Hobb’s Truck Stop, fronts Route 66. So, I am awarded a very fine view of Route 66 from here. 
Let’s see what is on the horizon – 

  • Mark Fletcher of C31 television in Australia (Classic Restos) is debuting his series filmed this past summer along Route 66 – 
  • Stetson Winery near Kingman, just off of Route 66, is up and running. Their first big event is a New Years Eve celebration – 
  • Dora’s Beale Street Deli, a great place for breakfast just one block of Route 66, is catering the affair – 
  • This is a bit off topic but before I forget, the latest installment in my series profiling the early development of the American automotive industry written for Legends of America is now available for your viewing pleasure – 
  • From now until January 30th, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of books through this blog, the sale of photographic prints through Jim Hinckley Studio, or the sale of souvenirs from our gift shop will be donated to the Kingman Route 66 corridor beautification projects – 
  • When planning your next adventure on Route 66, or to the Kingman area, it might be a good idea to include a day tour from the historic El Trovatore Motel in your schedule – 
  • If your having Route 66 withdrawals, here is an incredible website that should hold you over until the snow melts – 
  • If not, perhaps seeing the neon of the Blue Swallow Motel reflected in a fresh snow might help. I understand they have added new comforters to the rooms. Please say hello to Kevin and Nancy for me when you stop – 
  • And if would prefer a time capsule experience circa 1960 rather than 1940, don’t forget that the refurbished Motel Safari is just across the street. If you stop, say hello to Richard for me – 
  • For those in the St. Louis area in need of a weekend getaway, and a Route 66 fix, it would be hard to beat a drive to Cuba, the Wagon Wheel Motel for the night, Missouri Hicks for dinner, and Shelly’s Cafe for breakfast –
  • Plans are to resume our regular schedule for posts next week. In the mean time –