As we count down the last hours of the year 2012 here in Arizona, and as we previously shared a few of the highlights from 2012, I thought a few predictions ( and a few sure things) for 2013 might be an appropriate way to close out the year at Route 66 Chronicles. 

  • The second mural window for the Old Trails Garage is complete and it will be installed this week. That will be two of six. Installation of number three should take place in January. Now, we just need to fund the art work for the rest of the project, something that I predict will be resolved before the end of January – 
  • The monthly Seligman Sundries newsletters will continue to grow in popularity. Are you on the email list?
  • The historic El Trovatore Motel in Kingman was moved on the first steps toward restoration this year. I have no doubt that for 2013, an even more amazing transition will take place –
  • Restoration also continues at the iconic Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari. As this is already an amazing time capsule I am quite curious to see how it can be improved. We have a stop planned for our August adventure –
  • The Motel Safari, another Route 66 treasure in Tucumcari, is also being polished for another season –
  • Route 66 Tours of Australia is usually a pretty good indicator of just how popular Route 66 is, and what to expect in the coming year. It looks as though the highway will be quite busy in 2013 –
  • In looking toward 2013, we are hoping that Laurel Kane makes a speedy recovery as we miss her musings from Afton Station
  • And, of course, a new year has us looking forward to another visit from our friends from Holland – Karel Kuperus, Hanneke Wiersma, Dries Bessels, and his charming wife, Marion –
  • And, of course, it is with eager anticipation we await the reopening of the historic Brunswick Hotel –
  • Here is to 2013. It is my sincere hope that for each of you, and your familes, that is a year filled with laughter, good cheer, health, road trips, and friends.
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