As I am chomping on the bit to finish the first draft for the long anticipated Route 66 travel guide (yesterday I left off on the Cajon Pass) we will have a short posting this morning, a series of updates from the road.
1) Norm Fisk of Diamond Valley Productions is polishing the video developed for the Kingman tourism office –
2) The Route 66 Arizona video produced by this company has received a wide array of acclaim including several major awards –
3) For the Kingman video I was quite honored to assist with site location and contributions of historic material –
4) Plans are well underway for the development of a pilot video that is envisioned as the first in a series entitled Jim Hinckely’s America –
5) Funding for the art work in the fourth window of the historic Old Trails Garage has been made available so that leaves but one more –
6) The first prints have been ordered for our gallery that will be housed in the historic Hotel Brunswick –
7) As much as I enjoy road trips, and any excuse to escape for a few days with my dearest friend, the thought of a pending adventure into Los Angeles to finalize the photography for the new book isn’t giving me that warm and fuzzy feeling. Even though it should give us an opportunity to visit with Dan and Jessica on the pier, Kumar at the Wigwam Motel, Debra in Barstow, and perhaps John and Judy Springs, driving in the LA area is not a pleasurable experience –
8) Details for the new contest (one part trivia, one part scavenger hunt) with five books as the grand prize should be finalized next week. The recent bout of flu derailed plans for a few days –
9) Laurel Kane recently posted she is on the road to recovery. This is some good news for the new year –
10) On going issues with Blogger have prevented the loading of photos –
11) Would you care to share your plans for a Route 66 adventure in 2013?

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