Fans of the double six that motor through Arizona during the months of summer may have trouble comprehending that even in the desert it can get quite cold. Yesterday, and for the next few days, the high temperatures will hover near the freezing mark while the morning lows will be south of twenty degrees.
I am not a fan of winter. I paid dues in a few of those nasty “M” places (Michigan, Minnesota). So, I will take this as an opportunity to work indoors and forgo the plan of pulling the carburetor from Barney the Wonder truck, a plan derailed with the bout of flu that plagued me over the New Year holiday.

I will venture forth this morning to mail a few books that were ordered, stop by the barbershop to get the fur trimmed as filming for the Jim Hinckley’s America pilot is next weekend, and then will focus on the Route 66 travel guide to see if the text can be completed before Monday. If, by chance, I get bored there is always tax preparation, and a bathroom sorely in need of a full remodel.
Still, winter in the desert is a wonderful time for exploration. Storms during this time of year can add rather striking contrasts to the harsh landscapes.  
Even though the travel guide is still months away from completion (photos, captions, final edit) discussions are underway for another book. This time it will be to create a Route 66 historic atlas, a project that stirs the imagination.
As the weekend kicked off with some great news (Laurel Kane is home and is posting again) I am confident that it will be productive and enjoyable. Of course, this euphoria is in part resultant of the fact that the flu is behind me and I can again do more than wheeze and feel miserable.
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