I have not confirmed reports that near Williams, Arizona, it was minus twenty-one degrees on Monday morning. However, I do know that at my house in Kingman it was eleven balmy degrees. I now have another issue to discuss with Al Gore.
Still, today is a sunny day filled with good news. I spoke briefly with Laurel Kane of Afton Station this afternoon and it appears that is she is now on the fast track toward recovery even though she sounds sort of like a heavy smoking Marlene Dietrich. 
Meanwhile, down the road a piece, the report is that Annabelle, the cute half of the zany Erick, Oklahoma duo, is doing well. She is not out of the woods yet but as usual her spirits were high. 
The Ultimate Route 66 Contest (see tab at the top of the page) sees to have attracted a bit of interest. I am also pleased to announce it is presenting a bit of challenge. 
We didn’t want to make it to easy. The next photo or trivia question in this series will be posted Friday evening. 
The year is just weeks old and already the schedule for the year is getting rather full. Counted among the more interesting things to pop up are a request for me to serve as a guide to the ghost town of Signal in April, and an invitation from my friends at Auto Books-Aero Books in Burbank to sign books in conjunction with a road trip evening celebration featuring author Richard Southhall who is completing his Legends of the Haunted Highway Tour. 
Interestingly enough, these invitations are the first also the first schedule confliction of the new year as they are both being planned for the 6th of April. As I announced that my services as a guide to southwest ghost towns or to Route 66 in Arizona would be available in 2013, there is a sense of obligation to this couple from Europe. 
On the other hand, supporting the fine folks at Auto Books-Aero Books is also an obligation as this remains one of the great mom and pop book stores. Even though I am not a fan of the whole haunted highway or haunted anything it would be a great opportunity to plug the Route 66 community and to peddle a few books. 
As the tour is not set in stone my hope is that the dates can be adjusted. As always, updates will be provided.
Tours seems like the next step in a journey that began with publication of Ghost Towns of the Southwest. After all, this all started when I started listening to people who said I had a gift for telling folks where to go. 
The writing of books led to meeting folks who were inspired to explore by what I wrote. In turn, this fueled the enjoyment I derive from meeting people from throughout the world and encouraging explorations. 
So, this must be the next step on a journey to… That coupled with my desire to help anyone striving to keep the essence of Route 66 alive is what led me to offer assistance to Sam Frisher who is restoring the historic El Trovatore Motel and launching a day tour company based in Kingman. 
It does look as though 2013 will be a year of adventure and adventures shared. 

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