On every front it looks as though the order has been given to run a straight course at full steam, regardless of obstacles. This course toward a new and exciting future is not limited to the Route 66 community, Kingman, or even the United States. 

A sample of the signed prints now

In Holland, Queen Beatrix is abdicating to her son. In her thirty plus reign she has proven to be quite popular and so her son will have some very big shoes to fill. 
In Washington… Well, why go there as the administration and Congress also seem to be set on a course of full speed ahead in a business as usual foundation regardless of the rocky shoals on the horizon, the screaming passengers, or the fact that the point of no return is fast approaching. In fact is seems as though our leadership received their training from the captain of a certain Italian cruise ship
On the home front it looks as though Kingman is about to awaken and assume its place as a integral part of the Route 66 community. Details will be provided soon. 
It looks as though Tulsa has also decided that the Route 66 corridor is a valuable asset in regard to development. Thank you Laurel, great to see your posts again. 
I was talking with Norm Fisk this afternoon, the producer of the award winning videos Gold King Mine and Route 66 Arizona, about the first video in a new series, Jim Hinckley’s America that is currently under development. To say the very least, the international response received from the blurb about the project that appeared recently on Route 66 News is just a bit overwhelming. 

The schedule is to pick up shooting of the first installment next weekend. Perhaps I will then be in a better position to provide a projected date for release of the video. 
Meanwhile, my dearest friend and I are working on some of the basics for the gallery that we plan to open in the historic Brunswick Hotel this spring. To that end we are contracting with a studio to reproduce our work as Gilcee prints, and a frame company in North Carolina so we will also be able to offer these prints as framed additions. 
The beauty of this for our international travelers, as well as those traveling the double six who are limited on space, is that we will be able to ship direct from the frame factory. This will speed up the process and cut shipping costs. The down side is that I will only be able to offer signed prints at the gallery, at least for this season. 
The first series of the Ultimate Route 66 Contest (see page tab above for details) will continue this Friday evening. I have had a number of correct answers submitted but remember, the prize goes to the first person to get all five posting correct in the first series. If we don’t have a winner, the prize rolls over into the next series. 

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