A long title that gives but the faintest of hints about the wide array of interesting items that I have to share with you today. First, item number one. 
My dearest friend discovered this tongue in cheek story about the world’s smallest car and shared it with me last evening. As Route 66 often dominates my thoughts or is lurking in the recesses, I thought that if he was serious about getting this to market there would be a Route 66 cruise in the future.
As the policies, dictates, and edicts of the government increasingly seem to be severed from common sense of practicality, I had another thought when watching this video. If the government were an automobile manufacturer this is exactly the type of vehicle they would produce. The primary difference is that they would pay $8,000 to manufacture it and sell it for $4,000.
Now, a few updates from America’s most famous highway. It would seem the knee jerk reaction to recent allegations against Mr. Marsh 3 is manifesting in a growing cry to dismantle the now iconic Cadillac Ranch. I have to admit, the meaning, or even concept, behind this roadside monument escapes me. To be honest, it always seemed like a waste of perfectly good cars, a sort of drug induced surreal nightmare. 
Still, somehow, the very silliness of it seems a natural fit to the often eccentric atmosphere that permeates the Route 66 community. After all, fun and being able to do things you are not allowed to do at home is a large part of the Route 66 experience and in my neighborhood they frown on spray painting cars. 
In my humble opinion the fine folks of Amarillo, and the Route 66 community, would suffer a tremendous loss if the Cadillac Ranch was ripped from the fabric of the roadside. And for those who think dollars and cents, I am quite sure this monument to eccentricity generates a fair bit of revenue for the city. 
Next, a few updates from my adopted hometown, Kingman. Several months ago an historic district beautification program kicked off with the creation of a series of innovative shadow box insert murals for the west wall of the historic Old Trails Garage. 
Well, I spoke with the artist this morning, Sandy Rusinko, and she informed me that the mural for window three is complete. That means we should have it installed within two weeks. 
I was also informed that work is underway for the next window. This one is being funded by the new owner of the historic Brunswick Hotel. 
That leaves just one more and then we can address the old doorways, and move to the next building. So, who wants to contribute $400 toward the transformation of the Route 66 corridor in Kingman?
Speaking of the Brunswick Hotel, this evening my wife and I will be meeting with the Swiss owner, Werner Fleischmann, to get a first hand look at progress on renovations and to discuss the gallery we will have in the lobby. Rest assured, updates will be provided. 
Initially our work will be displayed in the gallery but we will only be on site by appointment, when meeting with tour groups, or when time allows. If you would like us to meet with you or your group, please let me know so we can schedule a visit to ensure you are not missed as you motor along Route 66. 
Additionally, I am finalizing details for the hosting of special evening events in the gallery, and for providing walking tours of the historic district. If these options are of interest please let me know so we may coordinate schedules and discuss the cost.
Since word began circulating about the development of a video series entitled Jim Hinckley’s America, I have received a surprising number of inquiries about availability. Well, work will resume this weekend and, dependent on how this goes, I should be able to provide a possible date for release by Monday.
As a final note, I have dusted off an old project and decided to finish it even though it represents a bit of departure from most of my work in that it is a novel, a fictional work. Since this a new realm of endeavor, are there any agents or publishers out there that would be interested in evaluating the work?  
Don’t forget to check back on Friday evening when the last installment in the first five week series for the Ultimate Route 66 Contest will be posted.