As the day is about half over, for those of who us start at around 5:00 in the morning, and as I have to finish the photo edits for the new book, this Sunday post is a bit short. Still, I am quite sure you will find it of interest.
First, the latest installment on my series on the infancy of the American auto industry for Legends of America is now available for reading pleasure. In the coming weeks I will be writing on the amazing gentleman who invented cruise control, the legacy of William Crapo Durant, The Ransom E. Olds gasoline powered lawn mower, and other obscure trivia from the formative years of the auto industry.

Would anyone care to guess where
this early alignment is?

As noted, yesterday I worked with the producer and crew on the first installment of the new video series, Jim Hinckley’s America. Seven days ago we were experiencing almost spring like weather but yesterday there was snow, wind, and cold, all of which provided a few challenges as well as dramatic contrasts for the various shots.
Next, I stopped by the Powerhouse Visitor Center. While there I signed copies of Ghost Towns of the Southwest for the visitor center, and copies of Ghost Towns of Route 66 and The Route 66 Encyclopedia for the Route 66 gift shop.
Construction delays at the Brunswick Hotel mean our gallery opening will be delayed until at least mid summer. However, we are negotiating on a location that is suitable for a special showing during the annual Route 66 Fun Run.
Another road trip is looming on the horizon. In April, I will be joining Russell Olsen, author of Route 66 Lost & Found at Autobooks Aerobooks in Burbank, California for a special road trip day event.
On our scheduled list of stops is the iconic Wigwam Motel in Rialto. I will be signing books for their gift shop but as the book signing at Autobooks Aerobooks is an evening event, chances are we will need to find suitable lodging a bit closer to Burbank. Does anyone have suggestions?
I have received a surprising number of notes pertaining to our Mojave Desert excursion to Kelso, and questions about my availability to serve as a guide to the area. So, if you would like to combine an interesting 300 mile loop drive to your western adventure, please drop me a note.
As a final note, don’t forget that the last installment in the first series of the Ultimate Route 66 Contest (page tab above) is posted.

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