I know there are other roads in America beside Route 66. Over the years I have traveled many of them, even a few that are now little more than overgrown goat trails.
Still, it often seems as the entire world is beating a path to the double six, America’s most famous highway. In recent weeks I have received emails from friends as well as folks planning an adventure along this storied highway from more than a dozen countries.
The diverse and scenic wonders of the roadside, the history, and what the old represents are all part of the appeal and charm. However, what really sets this road apart from all others are the people who reside along the way, who operate businesses, and who travel along it.
This afternoon I spoke with one of the colorful characters that give this old road such vibrancy, Croc Lile of Amarilo, and quickly determined the source of my funk these past few weeks. During the months of winter the pulsating, exciting flow of travelers along Route 66 slows to a crawl and as a result, ordinary life with its daily routines seems colorless, dry, and sepia toned.
Soon, however, as with desert flowers that spring from the stark and rocky soil during the first weeks of spring,the rumble of Harley’s, the dialects, languages, and accents from dozens of countries, and the contagious enthusiasm will quicken the spirit. Soon Route 66 will again assume its proper role as the Main Street of America.
Even though winter in Arizona is mild compared to, say, Chicago, my anticipation for spring grows every day. A new season on Route 66 is another opportunity to visit with friends and friends yet met, another opportunity to share its wonders, and another opportunity for adventure.
Magnifying all of this are projects, such as work on the companion to The Route 66 Encyclopedia, a Route 66 historical atlas,and the opening of our gallery in the historic Brunswick Hotel, and plans for road trips. For us the first grand adventure on Route 66 will take place on the 6th of April as we motor west to a book signing at Auto Books-Aero Books in Burbank. 
Most likely the last one of the season will be a trip to Cuba for Cuba Fest. We had such a delightful time last year that I promised my dearest friend every effort would be made for a return in 2013.
In between are an endless array of opportunities. May I ask, what are your Route 66 plans this year?
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