The title for today’s post was inspired by an a series of old radio programs I used to listen to at night on an antique Spartan radio when I was a kid. It seemed rather appropriate as our first topic is the ongoing research about movies, as well as television programs and music videos, filmed along Route 66. 
The Route 66 community has been helpful in this regard. Likewise with my morbid quest to catalog crime scenes along legendary Route 66. 
I am only a few weeks into the research phase and already the list is more than twenty pages long. In addition, I have another half dozen pages of obscure possibilities that are mysteries begging to be unraveled. 
As an example, Tom Mix was a friend of Tap Duncan, a now obscure frontier era cattleman who had a brush with fame through a brief association with Butch Casidy and the Sundance Kid,and the fact that Kid Curry was using his name as an alias at the time of his death in Colorado. Apparently Duncan’s Diamond Bar Ranch was used as setting for at least one Tom Mix movie, and maybe several other westerns. 
Now, I have uncovered vague vintage media hints that he (Tom Mix) may have filmed a movie that included scenes shot at the Beale Hotel. Would anyone like to verify or contribute to this?
But wait, don’t order yet. There is more, can anyone shed light on the Harlem Rides the Range series filmed at Murray’s Dude Ranch near Apple Valley?
The next request is for information from Berwyn. Can anyone shed light on the shooting of the police chief in the 1920’s by “Baby Face” Doody?
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