There is little doubt that spring has arrived in our corner of the world. Fruit trees are in blossom, temperatures hover near eighty degrees, and the bees in the rosemary and sage greet me every morning.
As a result, it is almost painful to address indoor projects even if they have pressing deadlines, such as the first segment of the Route 66 historic atlas due by April 1, or taxes, which are painful regardless of weather. As always, my dearest friend knew exactly what to do.
I was lost in the world of chronicling mayhem and larceny along Route 66 in the 1920s and 1930s when she surprised me with a carefully crafted picnic lunch that included fresh baked banana muffins. So, I saved my work, made the short drive to Beale Springs, found a little dirt road, and had a most delightful tailgate lunch, followed by a short walk.
Marring the delightful respite from work was a brake issue with the Jeep, again. On the way home I noticed the left rear was locking up at stops. At home I confirmed my worst fears as the drum was almost smoking hot.
To be honest, I am at a complete loss. This issue started last summer just before I was to meet with Dale Butel’s summer tour group from Australia at the ruins of Cadiz Summit in California.
Since then I have had the Jeep to two different shops, including a Jeep specialist with thirty yeas of experience. The entire rear differential has been rebuilt, brake drums replaced (several times), wheel cylinders replaced, brake lines replaced, master cylinder checked, and the proportioning valve replaced. I am quite sure the shop will be glad to hear from me in the morning. 
Meanwhile, I am awaiting approval in regard to commencement of local tours, in addition to those being offered as part of a package from the owners of the El Trovatore Motel, and am finalizing plans for the trip to California on April 6. Then I can begin making plans for the trip to Albuquerque in June.
As a new day dawns, I wonder what surprises await me today.     
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