There I was, minding my own business (sort of)when a friend sent an email with a link and note asking if my thoughts had ever turned to showing people around the neighborhood, roughly the area from Kingman to Oatman and down to Topock. I have already committed to helping Sam at the El Trovatore Motel develop his Route 66 adventure tours ( which covers Route 66 between Kingman and Seligman. 
I also meet with a wide array of tour groups as they stop in Kingman. As a number of these tour company owners look me up every year, my assumption is that what I offer enhances their adventures on the old double six.   
This coupled with the fact that I really enjoying sharing the history and wonders of my neighborhood, and that more than a few folks over the years have noted that I seem to have a God given gift for telling people where to go, a great deal of thought has been given to just such an idea. 
After a bit of deliberation, and a great deal of thinking, I decided to submit my proposal and see what the response was. Well, it was approved and so I am now officially in a position to add some zest to the Route 66 experience in western Arizona.
Back in the summer of ’66, who could have guessed that scrawny kid pedaling the old bicycle along the broken asphalt in the shadow of the Black Mountains would someday be referred to as “Mr. Route 66?”
Before signing out this afternoon I have a bit of venting to do. In our historic district we have one huge building that has the potential to serve as the hinge pin for revitalization of the area. 
The main section is massive with a pair of sweeping stair cases, a row of windows along the upper mezzanine, large display windows, a massive cellar with freight elevator, and a stunning old wood paneled office with walk in safe. There are three other smaller store fronts in this building, and three operational businesses (Wine Cellar, Redneck’s Barbecue, and Beale Street Brews & Gallery) are key components in area development. And this is what is envisioned for the property… 
Letters to the editor anyone? 
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