Well, yesterday Norm Fisk, the producer from Diamond Valley Productions, and I finished the first installment of Jim Hinckley’s America. Now all that remains is the final edit and, perhaps, a few retakes.
I am rather excited about getting the first video into the market place as it will provide a new venue for me to share a bit of the history behind my favorite places on the road less traveled. As envisioned this will be an entire series profiling Route 66 locations as well others well off the beaten path.
The first installment will focus on my adopted hometown, Kingman, Arizona. Plans are to make Prescott, Arizona the center of focus for the second installment.
Equally as exciting, even if I am not involved, is another project under development by Diamond Valley Productions. This will be a documentary about Kenny Howard, aka Von Dutch.
In an unrelated note it would seem I have stumped the fans of the double six. As we did not have a winner with the second series of the Ultimate Route 66 contest we will start fresh next Friday evening. This time there will be two prizes at stake.
Overall the past couple of weekends have been rather productive. The current project, a Route 66 historic atlas, is moving forward at a slow but steady pace.
Barney the wonder truck at Cool Springs
While we are on that subject, if you happen to have any ideas or information pertaining to crime scenes or movie related sites, or with celebrity association on Route 66, I would sure enjoy hearing about them. As with the encyclopedia the challenge with this book is fast becoming what to include, what to exclude, and how to be concise without being sterile.
After a long hiatus Barney the wonder truck, our tried, true, and tired 1968 Dodge Adventurer is back on the road, sort of. It would seem the time has come for something a bit more extensive than a tune up, carburetor repair, and grease. Still, it should get me back and forth to work for a while without a worry.
I am not at liberty to provide full disclosure at this time but a very major event is shaping up for western Arizona in 2014. Advertisers and sponsors will be needed but I can assure extensive international exposure in return for the investment. Please drop a note to discuss details.
The deadline for the second grand adventure of 2013 (the first was to Kelso in the Mojave Desert) is fast approaching. On Saturday, April 6, my dearest friend and I will venture into the very belly of the beast for a very exciting book signing at Auto Books-Aero Books in Burbank. We are quite excited to be a part of this multi author event promoted as The Great America Road Trip.
I am hoping our loyal old Jeep will be ready in time as we this stalwart companion fits us like a well worn pair of leather gloves. We are again experiencing a most frustrating issue with a rear brake, and this is after replacing the drums, rebuilding the entire rear differential, and replacing every brake component, some more than once.
I just received notice that Ron Jones, the legendary tattoo man of Route 66 has been hospitalized. I am quite sure a phone call or two from fans of the double six would brighten his day. The phone number is 918-331-1585 and he is in room number 585. If you call please tell him Jim says hello.
As a final note the tours often alluded to are now available. Currently I am serving as a guide for two Route 66 related tours, this adventure through Oatman and along the Colorado River, and the day trip being offered as part of a package through the historic El Trovatore Motel.
Currently under development is an adjustable schedule, and distance, walking tour of the Route 66 corridor in Kingman. It will include an often overlooked, pristine and scenic segment of the pre 1920 alignment of the National Old Trails Highway. 
You have my personal guarantee this will be a most memorable experience for movie buffs as well as fans of the old double six. Inquire for more information or stay tuned for details.   

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