By nature I am a relatively patient man but this should not be confused with an ability to endure long periods of inactivity. In retrospect I see that on more than one occasion my dogged patience may have presented the impression of sheer stupidity, even though comments during those periods were often prefaced with patience being a virtue.
Truth be known I am not very good at hurry up and wait. I may present the illusion of patience but this merely masks the agonizing frustration that accompanies my inability to sit quietly, and wait. 
As I have reached a point where every single project seems to be in a holding pattern, my patience is wearing rather thin. It is almost as though I have painted myself into a corner and must wait hours before proceeding. 
The Route 66 travel guide is finished, except for the final edit and writing captions for the illustrations. This is on hold as promised assistance never materialized and as a result we will need to gather photos of the Los Angeles area during the weekend of April 6th on our drive to Burbank for the big multi-author event at Auto Books – Aero Books in Burbank.
Counting the days before a road trip rates quite high on my list of most agonizing things to wait for. Greatly magnifying the building anxiety of eager anticipation are ongoing issues with our Jeep in the form of defective brake drums that have necessitated the replacement of the driver side drum twice since the first of the year. 
The new book, a Route 66 historic atlas, has been moving forward at a steady clip until the past couple of days. An almost endless string of question marks has me in a holding pattern until there is time for additional research.
A very major event for Kingman, as well as the Route 66 community is also in a holding pattern. Even though last evenings planning session was most inspirational the frustration is building as we are waiting for approval to make a formal announcement, and as a result cannot proceed with initial promotional development. 
The ongoing mural program is on temporary hold resultant of a need for finances and pending approval from a few property owners. Likewise with demolition of some unsightly ruins in the historic district.
In the weeks before the annual Route 66 Fun Run there is always a building anxiety akin to being a kid waiting for Christmas or the last day of school before summer recess. The fun run heralds warm weather, renewed opportunity to share the wonders of the double six and my amazing neighborhood, and visits with friends from Australia and Europe.
This year I have added reason for excitement about the summer season. We are launching a series of tours as added venues for sharing the wonders along Route 66 and western Arizona, and in July, if all goes as planned, we will open a small gallery in the renovated Brunswick Hotel.
These tours will be in addition to my commitment to serve as a guide for the Route 66 adventure tours under development as part of a package that includes an evening at the historic El Trovatore Motel. Boredom shouldn’t be an issue this summer but in the mean time, hurry up and wait.

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