Some folks allow a ground hog to serve as their spring barometer. Others adhere to the calendar and the farmers almanac. 
As I am fortunate to reside along the old double six (a living, breathing time capsule with an overlay of Disneyland) it is the sound of song birds and rolling thunder as motorcycles return to this legendary highway that serve as my indicator of springs arrival. When I hear these sounds there is a quickening in the spirit as I know that another season of discovery, of renewed friendships, and of excitement is about to begin. 
Even though the first warm days of spring, as well as the songbirds and motorcycles, usually arrive in mid March here in western Arizona, it is the annual Route 66 Fun Run that serves as my official point of kick off for warm weather fun. As I have seen snow flurries in Kingman as late as the end of April, the first weekend in May seems like a safe bet.

The Route 66 Fun Run blends the wonder
of the great American road trip with
an international passion for
vintage and custom vehicles. 

Information about the fun run and other Kingman attractions, as well as links, are listed on the Kingman attractions page. In the weeks to come additions by the dozen will fill this page.
While we are on the subject of pages, did you notice an addition to the tabs at the top of the page? As the number of requests for me to assist with travel planning, and to share, in person, a few of my favorite places has increased in recent months, after a great deal of gum beating and procrastination I decided to make an official stab at being a tour guide. 
As we have a number of tour ideas in mind, there will be a wide array of additions to this page very soon. Next up is a walking tour of Kingman that will include an often overlooked segment of the pre 1920 National Old Trails Highway where it cuts through a beautiful canyon, sites associated with celebrities such as Clark Gable and Pamela Anderson, and a few quirky Route 66 sites. 
Other adventures under development include an excursion to the historic Johnson Canyon Railroad Tunnel, and a photographic safari to the site of historic Fort Beale and Monolith Gardens. As the primary goal behind this endeavor is to enhance the Route 66 experience, please feel free to share ideas as I will also be catering tours to meet specific requests and needs.
Speaking of adventures on Route 66, and meeting with friends new and old along the way, who is going to the big wingding in Joplin? How about Cuba Fest?
The final note pertains to the Ultimate Route 66 Contest. By Saturday morning part one of series three will be posted to test your knowledge about America’s most famous highway. 

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