And so ends another delightful, busy, productive, weekend filled with reflection. Immersing myself in the concept of weekends off, something relatively new in our household, there wasn’t a wasted minute.
I kicked it off bright and early on Saturday morning by strapping the back side to the office chair and working on the current project, a Route 66 historic atlas. With almost 15,000 words of text, and staggering piles of research notes, it is starting to take shape and as a result it is becoming easier to envision the finished product.
I am on a very tight deadline for a book almost as large as The Route 66 Encyclopedia (January 1) and as a result have set some pretty strict daily goals for progress. To date everything is on track but as we move toward summer that will become increasingly difficult as I love playing outdoors and visiting with friends as they motor along the old double six.
Then there are the road trips to factor into the equation. That reminds me, this weekend we take to the road for a multi-author book signing at Auto Books-Aero Books in Burbank, and to gather photos along the Route 66 corridor in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. I hope to see a few of you there.
After a few hours of writing I succumbed to the delightful spring weather, and went for a most wonderful walk with my dearest friend. Our morning adventure included a stop at Hastings for our weekly movie rental.
Then we basked in the sun on the back porch and talked about old times, good times to come, and a summer filling rapidly with plans to meet with tour groups, to meet with friends, and road trips. Fueling our trip along memory lane were reflections on Easter, its symbolic importance, and realization that my dearest friend and I met 31 years ago.
After another few hours immersed in the project, I perused Facebook and the debate about Easter that reflects a dramatic shift in American societal evolution made manifest in various postings, as well as the exploits of fellow fans of the double six. I also took time to catch up on the latest news from Afton Station.
A most delightful dinner filled with more reflection, discussions about our house guest while we are away this coming weekend (our son), and an evening with my dearest friend, and Lincoln, rounded out the day.
Few things in our home are ever truly traditional (enchiladas for Thanksgiving)and even fewer are the same two years in a row. As the church we were affiliated with in Peach Springs has closed and we do not have a substitute in Kingman at this time, we decided to celebrate Easter at home with shared meditation about what this holiday, at its core, represents, another walk, and the incredible music of Paul Wilbur.
Now, its time to get back to the grind, and as with a kid in the days before Christmas, wait for our pending road trip with ever increasing frustration and impatience.