Norm Fisk has completed the edit for the segment on the October 1926 murder of Tom King. I had concerns about this portion of the video because when were shooting there was a sense of being stiff, largely the result of it being a new type of endeavor for me.
I must confess, it came out rather well. As a result there is a renewed excitement about this project, the fist installment in the Jim Hinckley’s America series. 
The clash between the Hop Sing and Bing Kong Tong that resulted in Tom King’s murder was a media sensation resultant of a colorful legal battle and the Mohave County Sheriff overlooking a little matter of Constitutional rights when he began raiding houses and seizing guns. This incident will be detailed in my next book, a Route 66 historic atlas. 
However, with video it is almost as though I have the opportunity to take the reader with me on adventures and voyages of discovery. Adding this to the writing, photography, tours, and speaking engagements provides a new venue, and almost unlimited possibilities for introducing depth and context to mundane or common subjects, and for giving work a more personal touch. 
The now forgotten King murder is but one of the little gems that will be featured in the first video that focuses on Route 66 between Kingman and Oatman. Other tidbits include Ed’s Camp, with a few personal notes as a first job was for Ed, an often overlooked and pristine segment of the National Old Trails Highway, and some portraits of the eccentrics that once peopled the Sacramento Valley along the pre 1952 alignment. 
The target goal for release is the weekend of the Route 66 Fun Run, May 3. I will keep you posted on a release date. 
Don’t get to busy or distracted today to give thought to those in Boston who have suffered loss or injury. Never forget what is really important in this life.     


My intent this afternoon was to share a few exciting updates from my corner of the world on Route 66, a bit of good news, and other notes that I thought you might find of interest. However, in light of the tragedy that is unfolding in Boston most of what I had to share seems flippant and unimportant
So, instead I will share the good news and, with all due respect, simply ask that tonight you give thought to those in Boston who have suffered loss or been injured, meditate on what divides us as a people, how we may overcome those divisions, and what it will take to heal this nations wounds.
Now the good news. I received a note from Annabelle (one half of the legendary Mediocre Melody Makers) of Erick, Oklahoma. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy but is still fighting, is still optimistic, and is still an inspiration.