As my dreams often center on road trips, adventures on the road less traveled, friends from far away, and vintage cars, the schedule for the next couple of weeks looks like a dream come true. 
Next weekend is the annual Route 66 Fun Run. This event that blends the American love affair with the automobile and the road trip into a delightful celebration of America’s most famous highway, Route 66, has been enhanced in recent years with an international touch.
The event has always attracted visitors from foreign shores. Still, in recent years it was added as a part of the spring tour package offered by Route 66 Tours of Australia so a very noticeable accent is often heard in shops,restaurants, and bars during the weekend.
For us the event provides a most delightful opportunity to meet with old friends, make new acquaintances, and to share a bit of my hometowns colorful history as I have been asked to address the tour group from the land down under. As a bonus the schedule includes dinner with Mike and Sharon Ward, a visit from John and Judy Springs, and a few pints savored with lively conversation with friends from the land down under.
Of course surprises always enhance this grand celebration. Last year they took the form of a visit from Mark and Jo, friends from England.
On the 8th of May, I am scheduled for a dinner interview with German journalists with Spotlight. The morning of the 11th is another meeting with a tour group from Australia.
We are eagerly awaiting the breakfast meeting with Zdnek Jurasek and his group from the Czech Republic on the 14th. We had such an enjoyable visit last year at Dora’s, Zdnek requested another breakfast at one of Kingman’s often overlooked treasures.
Meanwhile work continues on the Route 66 historic atlas, and plans for the promotional trip in June. As most trips in the past couple of years have been dominated by a whirlwind of scheduled appointments, I am hoping this one will be a bit more leisurely.
It will kick off with an interview on AM Arizona in Prescott on the morning of June 3. It ends on Friday evening with a book signing at Bookworks in Albuquerque.
In between are plans to gather photographs for the current project at a relaxed pace. At this juncture the rough game plan is to follow the pre 1937 alignment through Santa Fe, explore the area around Romeroville, and, of course, a stay at the historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas.
Well, as they say, stay tuned for details. See you at the fun run?
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