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By on May 10, 2013 in ROUTE 66 | 0 comments

In recent weeks the word surreal has assumed a new and personal connotation. I suppose this story starts with the discussions between Norm Fisk (Diamond Valley Productions) and me about a possible video series that led to the selection of Jim Hinckley’s America as a title.
Initially we thought of capitalizing on a plug from in the UK that seems to be gaining traction and use the title “Mr. Route 66.” Even though a great deal of my work in recent years has centered on Route 66 we wanted something with a broader focus, a title that left room for future expansion. 
I could see the possibilities in Jim Hinckley’s America as a title but it seemed, for lack of a better word, odd. Enhancing that feeling was an article recently written for Legends of America about people who became an historical obscurity even though their name was a brand recognized throughout the world. 
This is not say I felt, or feel, on a par with folks like Louis Chevrolet or Walter Chrysler, but to think of Jim Hinckley as a trademarked brand name (currently working through the proper channels)is rather difficult for a fellow who has tried to master the art of blending in with the wall paper.
Then, on April 9, the move toward that surreal world where I now dwell, took a big move forward. That is the day I was the subject of an interview about the ghost towns of Route 66 for Otero Then & Now on Alamo AM 1230 (the podcast is available through the April 9 link).
A few days later I received a phone call from the shows producer, Sunny Aris. Apparently the program had ignited her imagination and creative spirit. 
Well, after a bit of delayed correspondence resultant of an accident she had, an agreement was reached for the test marketing of a new weekly travel program that will be made available on podcast. Fishing for a suitable title resulted in an interesting choice – Jim Hinckley’s America.
Now my imagination is running rampant. What an incredible opportunity these developments provide for providing a plug for the mom and pops that make a road trip special! I wonder what opportunities this will present for introducing the wonders of Route 66 to the uninitiated?

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