The first half of May, to say the very least, has been most interesting. Of course that is to be expected when you hitch your wagon to the magical allure of legendary Route 66, just ask Laurel and the folks at Afton Station.
As I live in Kingman the month kicked off with the Route 66 Fun, an event that never ceases to amaze or excite me. Still, as with Route 66 itself, it is the people that make it a true delight.

Jim Hinckley signing books for fans
of the double six from Australia.

This year the fun run provided an opportunity to share dinner with John and Judy Springs, Mike and Sharon Ward, and Bobbie and George Game of the Canadian Route 66 Association. The bonus was the privilege of speaking with, and signing books for, a large group from Australia being led by Dale and Kristi-Anne Butel, and an opportunity to play tour guide for Mark Fletcher of Classic Restos.
Last weekend I was blessed with another opportunity to share the history of Route 66 in the Kingman area, and to sign a few books, for more fans of the double six from the land down under. Even better, I was privileged to have an opportunity to meet with the parents of Dale Butel, and Rod Hokin, a prolific collector of classic Imperials from Oz.
Jim Hinckley and members of the Czech Route 66
Association at Dora’s Beale Street Deli in Kingman.
The food poisoning picked up on Friday definitely put a damper on the fun. Still, the magic elixir that is meeting with enthusiastic fans of the double six from the four corners of the globe helped me survive an otherwise miserable weekend. 
On Tuesday morning my dearest friend and I kicked off the day with an interesting breakfast shared with Zdnek Jurasek, his wife Eva, and members of the Czech Route 66 Association at Dora’s Beale Street Deli. Even though there were extreme limitations in the conversation resultant of language barriers, we all spoke Route 66 and as a result, had a great deal to share.
Friday I had a most enjoyable lunch with Nick Gerlich who was on his way to the Cajon Pass. Nick, and Rich Dinkela, are the Indiana Jones of the Route 66 community.
As you may have noticed a new page has been added to the top of the blog. This new page, Jim Hinckley’s America, will have the podcast links for my weekly radio program, as well as video updates, and other itmes associated with the development of this brand name.
Now that takes me to the radio program. Okay, in listening to it I can see the need for a bit of polish but overall it accomplished my goal of promoting the places and people that make Route 66 and the adventures on the back roads so special. Would you care to share your thoughts and suggestions for future programs? 
Next week the focus turns to Kingman. After that the schedule calls for a program dedicated to Route 66 between Glorieta Pass and Las Vegas, Route 66 in New Mexico (live from the road), and then Prescott, Arizona and the surrounding area. 
Plans are to pursue syndication of the program to reach a larger audience. In either case it will provide a unique advertising opportunity for business owners. If you would like more information about these opportunities contact Sunny Aris at Alamo 1230.
Now my attentions have to turn toward work on the current book project, a Route 66 historic atlas, plans to ensure Kingman serves as the host city for the 2014 International Route 66 Festival (it is in Joplin this year), a few articles for Brad Bowling at Antique Power, and the myriad of details to resolve before the June adventure to New Mexico. The latter includes a meet and greet at Bookworks in Albuquerque on the evening of the 7th, and a bit of fun at the Enchanted Trails Trading Post in conjunction with the New Mexico Route 66 Motor Tour later that evening.
See you on the road –

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