Overshadowing the big event in Joplin (the 2013 International Route 66 Festival), and the unfolding of a very exciting season on Route 66, is yesterdays tragedy in Moore, Oklahoma and the surrounding area. Our prayers are with those who have suffered loss as a result of this tragedy. 
Even though I have weathered a hurricane or two, the scope of this disaster is difficult to imagine. Words of solace in times such as this seem rather hollow as there is simply no way to fill a void inflicted by the loss of family or friends. 
My plan for today’s post was to share a few updates pertaining to Kingman’s ongoing efforts in regard to planning for the 2014 international festival, if they are selected as the host city. Suffice to say everyone involved is quite busy and that indications are that if selected, and if everything goes as planned, there will be more than enough activities to keep everyone busy for at least three days. 
I will provide more details soon.  
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