Yes, there is a bit of shameless promotion in this quick post but there is also some of what I like to do best, promote the people and places that make Route 66, and an adventure on the road less traveled so enjoyable. 
First, Jim Hinckleys America. There is a new tab at the top of the blog for a page that chronicles everything new under the Jim Hinckley’s America brand. 
One is the new radio program that is available on podcast – . On Friday, episode two will focus on Kingman, its colorful history, its colorful characters, and the wide array of attractions that could make this a vacation destination. 
Another is the video series. As noted previously, the project was placed on hold so the producer at Diamond Valley Productions could finish a pending video. However, I am told we should be back on track by June.
Next, road trip updates. Our June adventure is going to be a bit different, at least for us. We are actually going to take three days of the trip and use it as a vacation, even if we are gathering photos for a new book.
In recent years our “vacations” have been whirlwind business trips. This is not to say we don’t have fun, after all each of these trips has given us an opportunity to visit with friends and to make new ones, and most have been on Route 66.
As an example, consider our adventure this past October. Numerous book signings, and a drive to Detroit and back – in nine days. 
So, this time, I am going to treat my dearest friend, and me, to a few days off, sort of. I do have an interview on AM Arizona in Prescott on the morning of the third, and I do have a book signing at Bookworks in Albuquerque on the evening of the 7th, and I do have an episode of Jim Hinckley’s America from the road that morning. 
The rest of the trip my intention is to focus on four things – visit with friends, get some photos, relax, and enjoy the company of my partner, best friend, and road trip buddy.     

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