To borrow a line from classic literature, it is the best of times and the worst of times. Still, when one takes a moment to reflect, this simple phrase encapsulates life from beginning to end, regardless of geographic locale that is called home or place in history.
Life, each and every day of it, is always a blending of good and bad. Just ask Laurel Kane about a day that began with an assault from her refrigerator.
In my world I am fortunate enough to say that the good in most days outweighs the bad. My dearest friend and I are in relatively good health, a fact that surprises me when reflection is given to the hard miles of my not so distant past and the proclivity to find work or projects to fill at least ten hours of most every day.
With each passing day I draw closer to fulfilling the childhood dream of becoming a writer. Meanwhile, this particular quest seems to be a never ending opportunity for sharing the wonders of Route 66 and the road less traveled.
Several of my books, including Ghost Towns of Route 66, are selling rather well, a new title, Route 66 Treasures is scheduled for release in October, a travel guide is complete with the exception of captions and final edit, and I have the engaging project of crafting a Route 66 historic atlas to keep me busy for a few months. In turn this has opened the door for a wide array of speaking engagements, a weekly radio program currently being test marketed, a video series, currently in development, an association with Legends of America for the distribution of our photography and the penning of automotive features, the request that I represent the City of Kingman at the festival in Joplin, and now, an opportunity to develop a program with Gary of Route 66 Radio.    
Even better, it has provided opportunity time and again for making a wide array of friends in the international community. That in itself ensures this is a rewarding pursuit. 
I have a job. It is a thankless source for never ending frustration but it is a job. 
Outside of our cocoon, family issues on both sides are the dark clouds on the horizon. Still, there is a blessing in the simple fact that we have family even if they are currently a primary source of frustration, worry, and concern.
Looming just ahead, another road trip, this time to Joplin for the International Route 66 Festival. Road trips, anticipation of road trips, and planning road trips provide endless opportunity for good days. Add in something like the festival that is an opportunity to visit with friends and fans of the double six and it is difficult to find a reason to complain.
Yep, life is good, with but a few exceptions. Now, if I can just chart this course through the next fifty years of life ….
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