I know, for some folks the week officially begins on Saturday or Sunday but for the most part, at least here in the states, people just set Monday as the kick off for a new week. As I find ways to keep busy most every day, my weeks seldom really have a start or finish.
As to the traditional aspects of the first day of the week, Sunday, I prefer to keep that simple too. My philosophy is to always be prepared to meet your maker as you never know when check out time is coming. That way of thinking works if I am at the office, sitting in a pew, or am on the road.
The weekend, as is always the case, seemed to fly by. Of course, now that I think about it, everyday seems to fly by.
Saturday morning was spent in resolving what seemed to be a never ending series of crisis at the office, working on program outlines for Jim Hinckley’s America through the 16th of August, and working on a project for Gary at Route 66 Radio. The afternoon was consumed with work on the ever expanding Route 66 historic atlas.
To round out the day, and close a week, it was a pleasant dinner with my dearest friend, a glass of wine, and a movie, Letters from Iwo Jima. I found the film to most interesting even though subtitled movies seldom get my vote. 
The perspective presented was done so with little prejudice or the ever so popular politically correct theme of “blame America.” As enjoyable as the movie was, even though it is a story of senseless tragedy, in my after film study I found that its production was even more interesting. I even learned that the films production had a Route 66 connection but that is a topic of discussion for the forthcoming Route 66 historic atlas. 
Sunday was a bit more relaxing as the office was closed. The afternoon was rather productive as I was able to finish some research for the new book, update a few authors pages, and still have time to add several thousand words to the new book.
That takes us to today. First on the list, after the morning blog post and a hearty breakfast of oatmeal with flax seed, wheat germ, honey, and blueberries chased with tea and a glass of mango juice, is to sort out the office and confront a new day of frustrating challenges. 
If time and energy allows, I will close the day by finalizing a few travel arrangements for the trip to Joplin, discuss development of a way to tie an electric car cruise on Route 66 to next years big event in Kingman. 
Tuesday morning is an early start as I need to get the Jeep out to Paul’s shop. During the recent adventure to New Mexico a bearing in the rear differential began making quite a racket and it hasn’t gotten better. In addition it is due for an oil change and the check engine light came on last week.
I am guessing oxygen sensor resultant of the surging idle. Still, to be honest, I haven’t been very good about vehicle diagnostics sense the era of running boards on trucks.
Also on the list this week, confirming a rental car for the Joplin trip, research, the radio program on Friday morning before work, finalizing arrangements to meet with several tour groups in the next few weeks, and, if I get bored, more work on the newest book. Of course in my spare time I would like to get another feature written for Legends of America, and develop a crazy scheme taking shape in my imagination that should make for a most memorable 30th anniversary.
As I have been really depending on Barney the wonder truck (our ’68 Dodge Adventurer) for transportation it has become quite evident that a tune up is long overdue. That too is on the list.
And so begins a new week of adventure and frustration –   

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