It is shaping up to be another interesting summer, and year. Of course since the center stage for my life story to unfold on is Route 66, who would expect different?
Lets see, Nick Gerlich of Texas, and his brother, are about to begin a west bound Route 66 adventure. As they are planning a stop in Kingman I will have an opportunity to introduce these intrepid explorers to a few obscure sections of the National Old Trails Highway, and often overlooked historic sights of interest.
Dale Butel will soon be on the road again with another tour. That means I will have an opportunity for visiting with our friend from the land down under, and for sharing a bit of the areas colorful history. 
The following morning we hit the road for Joplin. The international Route 66 festival is always a hoot but this year promises to be something very special indeed. 
The Route 66 historical atlas is really starting to take shape. I am, as always, a bit concerned about holding to the deadline but more often than not this is resultant of reworking the material rather than actually finishing the project.
There is also the final edit and writing of photo captions for the Route 66 travel guide I penned last year. As always, editorial constraints prevented inclusion of a great deal of material but if let to my own devices it would most likely never be finished and if it was, it would be the size of several L.A. metropolitan phone books. 
A tour group from New Zealand has submitted a request for my services. I am quite eager to see what they have in mind.
This is the year my dearest friend becomes eligible for sainthood, after all she has put with me, encouraged me, served as an anchor and rudder, survived my exploits, weathered the storms, shared in the triumphs, humored me, and provided much needed support and stability for three decades now (31.5 years if you count dating). So, self imposed pressure is on to ensure that this is a most memorable anniversary.
Plans are being made to travel the entire Mojave Road this fall. Of course that would mean the Jeep needs to be in better shape than it is now. I am hoping it will make it to the shop this morning.
Things at the office are always an adventure. Yesterdays grand adventure included a broken toilet, not one but three testy customers (one 15 minutes before we opened and the others in the first hour), and reservations made after 3:00 yesterday afternoon for 15 trucks this morning. That should keep me busy.   
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