This evenings update is from Santa Rosa, New Mexico, the end of a 590 mile drive from Kingman. Even though we have not encountered problems, it has not quite gone exactly as envisioned. Of course that is often what adds a touch of spice as well adventure to the road trip.
A few minor delays kept us from taking to the road as early as scheduled. Still, we were on the road in time to watch the daylight push the shadows from the hillsides and canyons.
As we needed to cover ground the luxury of Route 66 was postponed until the Wednesday leg of the trip. That will include a visit with Nancy and Kevin at the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, coffee and pie at the Midpoint Café, a search for Croc in Amarillo, and checking on Harley and Annabelle.
Today we endured the mind numbing sterility of the interstate highway with the exception of a few detours for food and photos. The plan had called for a brunch or lunch at Joe and Aggies in Holbrook.
For reasons unknown they were closed. So, instead, we photographed various locations downtown, including the old courthouse, and settled for lunch at Denny’s (cranberry, apple, and chicken salad)with some stout coffee.
After topping off the tank, it was back on the road. The next stop was the trading posts shadowed by the towering red rock bluffs at Lupton as we couldn’t resist the opportunities for photographs presented by towering thunderheads that added dramatic contrast.
Aside from absolutely frustrating road construction that slowed traffic to a crawl time after time, we rolled across New Mexico, and even Albuquerque, making pretty good time.
As only the days final destination is set in stone, we decided on Clines Corners for dinner rather than Joseph’s since the construction delays had resulted in being about two hours behind schedule. Again our plan was thwarted as the restaurant was closed. So, we opted for a Subway selection.
In Santa Rosa we stopped at the market and picked up a few snack items and headed straight for the motel. It was time to unwind.
Wednesday will be a Route 66 day and the destination is Edmond. Stay tuned for updates.
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