Well, day two can be summed up with a simple line – it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. With the exception of the last two hours it was a pretty good day even though we were ever mindful of the pressing schedule. 
After a restful night at the Best Western in Santa Rosa (the one next to the Denny’s) and a light breakfast at the hotel, we topped off the tank and headed toward the rising sun. This motel is a regular stop as it is always clean, the staff friendly, and it is quiet. 
Our first stop was Tucumcari. We had hoped to visit the new Route 66 museum but on arrival we were informed that it had closed. Now that was a surprise we had not expected!
So, it was off to stop number two, the Blue Swallow Motel and a visit with Kevin, Nancy, Boomer, and Bessie. As a steady stream of guests and Route 66 tourists paraded through the gift shop, we shared the latest news from the road. 
With Edmond, Oklahoma as the destination of the day, our time for a visit was a bit limited. The next stop was to check on Fran in Adrian, and Dennis at the Midpoint Cafe. 
We had promised to pick up some rack cards to distribute in Joplin and had hoped the schedule would allow for some in depth conversation about a big event in 2014. However, as we were running behind and as Dennis was busy, we decided to postpone that discussion until Monday morning on the return trip.
A highlight of the day was a lunch with the legendary Croc at Cowboy Gelato on 6th Avenue (old Route 66) in Amarillo (chips a
and a Claudia Clucker). Time got away from and so we found ourselves photographing historic sites in Amarillo at 2:00 in the afternoon.
Needless to say that this left us with but one option for the rest of day, drive. With the exception of an absolutely delicious dinner at Lucille’s in Weatherford, the focus was entirely on the drive. 
I had planned to photograph the restored sign on the Yukon mill but road construction, which had already cost us more than two hours since leaving home, made that an impossibility resultant of the late hour. This, however, was only the beginning.
I know there must be a plan behind road construction but in Oklahoma City it was impossible to discern one. Miles of one lane traffic, closed off ramps and open on ramps, etc. 
When I see Jerry McClanahan we may have to hug him. Without his EZ 66 Guide it is unlikely we would arrived at our hotel before morning. As it was we arrived at almost 10:00 instead of the planned for 8:00.
Today, destination Joplin. 

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