It looks as though it will be another “best of times, worst of times” weekend. It also looks as though it will be quite full (surprise).
After this mornings quick post it will be time for a shower and shave, followed by breakfast at the Hot Rod Café with Kumar Patel, owner of the iconic Wigwam Motel in Rialto, Café. If your in the neighborhood around 8:00, stop by and say howdy.
Then its off to look for Pete’s Drive-In, or at least its current manifestation. Friend, post card collector, and invaluable source of material for books such as The Route 66 Encyclopedia, and the forthcoming Route 66 atlas, Steve Rider sent a scan of a mystery location photo and I have a hot lead to follow up on courtesy of Guy Glotkowski.
This will be followed by a dire need to bring some order to the office before commencing the marathon. As I want to make Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri the official venue for the introduction of the Route 66 atlas next year, I will have to finish the project a full month earlier than contracted.
As most of the spare time last week was spent in following leads and with research, the task now is to organize the material to ensure there is a steady flow to the work. Then I can sit down and put in a good eight to ten hours and make progress on the manuscript rather than waste time digging for material. 
Then it should be time for a memorial service. A friend of mine, an interesting gentlemen with a colorful history that included a World War II boyhood in Hungary and a stint in the East German air force, passed away while we are on the road home from Joplin.
To round out the day, this evening is another edition of Chillin’ on Beale. This low key event is always full of surprises but is also a wonderful way to unwind after a long and frantic week, especially when it is shared by friends. Perhaps I will see you there.     
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