I am not sure exactly when it happened but apparently time has been rolled back and Route 66 is a very busy highway with traffic flowing east and west, at least in my world. I am not complaining. I am simply amazed.
For all intents and purposes Route 66 no longer exists. After all, the last official U.S. 66 sign came down almost two decades ago.
Now, however, a wide array of variations are sprouting all along its former course but they all reassure the Route 66 enthusiast that they are following the most famous highway in America. They, are, however, but one of many manifestations in the amazing renaissance of this storied old road.
As has been the case since the closing era of its glory days, I seem to have been privileged with a front row seat. Perhaps a more appropriate analogy would be that I am still sitting tall in the saddle on a never ending eight second ride. 
Tomorrow morning on a special edition of Jim Hinckley’s America, Sunny and I will be talking Route 66. If you would like to talk about your favorite place or person on legendary Route 66, call in at 575-437-1230 between 8:00 and 9:00 AM New Mexico time. And don’t forget, the shows are always available via podcast the following morning. 
I will be spending my lunch hour tomorrow introducing a tour group from China to three American legends – Harley Davidson, Route 66, and Cadillac. I am quite sure this will be interesting as there is a need to work with an interpreter.
This evening while pouring petrol into the Jeep, I received a phone call from New Zealand. A tour company is hoping to retain my services in 2014 for a few adventures.
Meanwhile, the developments pertaining to the 2014 Route 66 International Festival are taking place with dizzying speed. Mike and Steve Wagner, two of the primary dynamos behind this endeavor shared exciting news this morning.
However, as it is close to my bed time, that will be the subject of the Friday posting.  
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